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Season Two : Review of Ankahi Kahaniya, Pavitra Rishta and Hai Tauba

September 22, 2021 Desis.Live Season 2 Episode 39
Desis.Live Weekly Bollywood Show
Season Two : Review of Ankahi Kahaniya, Pavitra Rishta and Hai Tauba
Show Notes

Here is what we got down to reviewing this week.......

Ankahi Kahaniya, the latest produce of the anthology factory from @Netflix is perhaps also the strongest case that they should enter the short film-making business.

We are highly dissatisfied by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari and Saket Chaudhary’s films though we want to make sure to applaud Abhishek Chaubey’s brilliance in Madhyantar.

Of the ensemble cast across the four episodes, some of the names that impress include Siddhant Mahajan, Kashish Rai, Bibriti Chatterjee, Poorti Arya, Nishank Verma, and Ankita Chakraborty. Abhishek Banerjee and Kunal Kapoor.

In  Pavitra Rishta playing on @zee5, Archana and Manav meet when she accompanies her heartbroken, sloshed friend to a garage where he works to pick her car up. Manav offers to drop both to their destination. The story is the reprise of the original story of Pavitra Rishta but will have several elements altered, and a few characters added. The web series format is well directed and executed.

Hai Tauba, on @altbalaji, is an anthology of four stories about relationships that don’t conform to societal norms. The first episode, Pink, revolves around a group of friends going through a rough patch in their relationships while an annual get-together only worsens their ties beyond repair. The next episode, White, explores the life of a social media influencer Taniya, who’s even ready to get laid in her bid to enhance her popularity.

Silver is centered around two budding filmmakers Shlok and Pooja who find themselves in an awkward situation when their cast doesn’t meet their expectations during the filming of a project. The final episode, Blue, is about the deep friendship that two closeted homosexuals, a caterer Arjan and a marketing person Trilok, forge in a Goan hotel.

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