Desis.Live Weekly Bollywood Show

Season Two: Review of Sardar Udham Singh, Lawyer Vishwanath and Tabbar

October 27, 2021 Desis.Live Season 2 Episode 44
Desis.Live Weekly Bollywood Show
Season Two: Review of Sardar Udham Singh, Lawyer Vishwanath and Tabbar
Show Notes

This week we reviewed the movie Sardar Udham Singh which is streaming on Prime. Most patriotic movies are not made about freedom fighters as people, but freedom fighters as icons – generalizing them and condensing the complexities of their reasons and characters into neat marketable products for a multiplex audience. Sardar Udham Singh is a masterpiece that presents no such broad strokes.
Watch the impeccable #VickyKausal ace this role. Special mention for #AmolParashar as Bhagat Singh. It's a classic.
Shriya watched Lawyer Vishvanath. Viswanath is a lawyer who has a loving family comprising his wife Kamala and his loving 8-year-old daughter Akshara. He is a man of values and lives with principles. Viswanath spends considerable time with his family to ensure he gives proper love and affection. 

On his daughter’s birthday, he takes his family for an evening outing but on the way back a tragedy strikes Viswanath and his family.  Watch this remake on Prime.

Finally, we review @sonyliv's #Tabbar.
Ajitpal Singh’s Tabbar is a lesson on celluloid of how to impact your audiences with pure emotion.

Created and written by Harman Wadala, and co-written by Sandeep Jain, Tabbar deploys very credible theatre art to bring his characters to life.  The logical, calculative Omkar (Pavan Raj Malhotra) and the emotional mother Sargun (Supriya Pathak Kapur), parents to Teji (Sahil Mehta), and the civil services aspirant Happy (Gagan Arora) are caught in a sudden situation inadvertently where they get embroiled in the killing of the drug peddling brother of a local businessman-politician (Ranvir Shorey) in their home. The tracks of drugs in Punjab, scams are all sub-threads to the main story which is about how the family deals with the aftermath of this murder. This show is a classic.
All this and Bonus - our chat with #MaheshBhupati about his docudrama #BreakPoint which streams on Zee5
And the quintessential Sujata Day about her movie #DefinitonPlease which also won a best actor mention at the #NewYorkSouthAsianFilmFestival.
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